“I liked everyone Lisa introduced me to – all high caliber, quality people.”


“Lisa will be an honored guest at our wedding in June. We’re saving her a seat in the first row!”


“Lisa runs her business with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. She works hard to make sure her customers are satisfied.
I recommend her highly.”


“If it wasn’t for Lisa, I never would have met my wife.”


“Lisa helped me find my husband. I never thought I would find him, but now I am as happy as I can be and loving it!”


“Lisa is a wonderful, caring person and a great listener. She is skilled at connecting like-minded men and women looking for high-quality and lasting relationships.”


“When I need to refer to a matchmaker on the West Coast, Lisa Darsonval is the first person I think of. I know that she will take excellent care of any client I send her way. Lisa has integrity, works extremely hard and sincerely cares about the people she serves. I have the utmost respect for Lisa and her company.”

-Michelle Jacoby, Matchmaker, Washington, D.C

“Awesome Lisa! Way to go. For all you who don’t know how great Lisa is, she is the reason I met and married the woman of my dreams.”

-Ian Bailes

“I always feel welcomed and a sense of connection at the lock and key events Lisa puts on. The energy is exciting and magnetizing. Her events are something I will definitely miss when I am no longer single. When I’m there, there’s no place I’d rather be.”


“After my last relationship ended, I felt no one would be interested in dating a 64 year old man, after all, I’m no spring chicken. Lisa changed all that, she let me know she had plenty of quality women in her database who would gladly go out with me. She was true to her word and introduced me to women who made me feel desirable again. She opened my eyes to the brand new possibility of finding someone special to share my life. My new confident self continues to attract women I never thought would want me and I have Lisa to thank.”

-Michael Bennett